Capital and Partnership Structure

Capital and Partnership Structure

Company partners are the family members. The partners of Tören Chocolate which is currently managed by the second generation are connoisseur and experienced in the sector. The partners are on of the well-known families in Şanlıurfa, their hometown, and in Gaziantep where they operate their business for many years. They are wealthy and prestigious due to their experiences in the sector, social awareness and commercial life.

Curriculum Vitae of The members of the Board of Directors

He was born in Şanlıurfa / Bozova on 26.08.1984. After completing his bachelor degree, he has worked at critical positions in the company. Thus, he is currently the vice president of the Board of Directors and general manager and responsible for finance / accounting and marketing at the company. He is married with 2 children.

Mehmet TÖREN

Vice Chairman of the Board / General Manager

He was born in Şanlıurfa / Bozova on 01.01.1979. He is the younger brother of Suphi TÖREN, Chairman of the Board of Directors. He is actively in charge of the Supply Chain Management. He is married with 3 children.

Zekeriya TÖREN

Merber of the Board of Directors: